Property management and reservation system for hotels, guest houses, cottages, …

Do you want to improve work with reservations of your accommodation and do you want to have more customers?

We offer property management and reservation system for any type of accommodation. You will place the system to your website. And you will manage all your online travel agencies ( etc.) from one place –

Booking system is developed to simplier work with customers thanks to good managing reservations, automatic make invoices and another system features.

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First month free

The 1. month is free for try our system. After month you can choose using system for fee.


You can choose 2 types of system (click for demos). First option you can add to all your pages. Second option you can embed to reservation page.

No wasted money

Monthly only $10 (without VAT) for accommodation with max 10 rooms. Next 10 rooms is always next $10 (without VAT).

OTA connection

Two-way synchronization with and 70 more OTAs. 1 OTA synchronization only for $15 per month (without VAT).

Many settings options

You can setup price for whole room or for person, sales for long-term stay, seasonal prices and more options.

Managing reservations

System is useful also for managing reservations. And in administration you can add new reservations - if you receive reservation by phone or another way.

Booking system

Booking system on your website is the best booking way for your clients. And it's very simple to install the application to your website.

Easy payment

After first free month you can pay us with paypal or any credit card. Fast, save and easy.

Still thinking about it?

Do you need another functions in the system? Or you have different needs? Contact us! We will do everything for your satisfaction!

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What will be next?

In administration you will setup accommodation rooms and you will place short HTML code to your website. That's all!



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Or you need new function to the system?
Please contuct us! We will do everything for your satisfaction.